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BTC on the rise in Argentina

In Argentina, the Bitcoin course in ARS (Argentine Peso) has broken its all-time high. According to Coingecko, the current Bitcoin price is over 389,000 ARS per BTC. In December 2017, when BTC peaked, the price was around ARS 340,000 per BTC. Many media now reported that the Bitcoin exchange rate in Argentina would be converted over 20,000 USD and has thus reached a new all-time high in USD. The current ARS rate was probably not taken into account.

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Paying Or Gambling? – The Bitcoin Dilemma

Bitcoin is only conditionally suitable for payment as a currency thought, but above all used for speculation: The Bitcoin soaring is the original purpose of the crypto field now in the way. The hype raises the question of whether the digital object of desire is even good for payment. Speculative object “I can not remember when the last customer paid with Bitcoin,” says Niels Göttsch. The owner of a coffee bar in Berlin, Germany, is by far not the only shop operator that is so. Although Bitcoin is establishing itself in the financial world, this success leads to a dilemma. Continue reading Paying Or Gambling? – The Bitcoin Dilemma

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